This Time Around

Thursday Vignettes Prompts 500-2000 word limit
Title: This Time Around
Author: Gypsysue
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Kingsley/Sirius Harry/Hermione
Rating: M
Warnings: Character death, time travel. A little bit of violence.
Summary: After the death of Harry and Hermione, using Hermione’s method, Kingsley travels back in time to make things better.
Word Count 1716


Kingsley Shacklebot was far from a happy man. He had expected a lot of things after the war, but this was just more than he could stand.

Harry Potter’s body lay broken at his feet, having just been slaughtered by his supposed best friend, Hermione Granger lay next to him. Ronald Weasley had not quite finished her off, but she was close, and Kingsley was unsure if he should save her life or not. She had crawled over to Harry and laid herself over his dead body, sobbing breathlessly.

Dumbledore had a lot to answer for, filling the young boy’s head with dreams of success and all his heart desired, but not even potions could tear apart the love that Harry and Hermione had for each other. That was something the red-head could not let go.

“Hermione,” he called as he knelt down next to her, after kicking Ron Weasley’s dead body away from then. He had taken great pleasure in killing the little bastard.

“Kings,” she whispered, blood spilling from her mouth, choking her words as she tried to speak. Kingsley waved his wand, clearing the blood from her throat and lungs causing Hermione to take in a rattling breath.

“What do you want me to do?” he asked and watched her cling tighter to Harry.

“I want to be with him, Kings,” she said as she moved off of Harry’s body to lay next to him, resting her head on his chest.

“Hermione,” Kingsley said in a pleading voice.

“No, he is a part of me Kings, and I won’t be without him, but there is something,” she said as she pushed her beaded bag towards the one man her and Harry had complete trust in.

“Anything,” he said as he reached for the bag.

“My Grimore, I added you to it. In the back, there is a spell, hidden by the password Hermione Potter, use it, Kings, and make this better,” she pleaded before she took her last breath.

“Hermione?” Kingsley called, leaning forward. He waved his wand to check her vitals and realised she had slipped away. A tear slid down his face as he looked at them.

He sat where he was, placing a charm around the area, and accioed Hermione’s Grimore out of the bag, opening it to the last page, “Hermione Potter,” he said as he tapped his wand to the page.

He sat in stunned silence as he read through what she had written down. He knew there were spells to do this kind of thing, but he had never been able to get ahold of any of them. He had even searched the Black library and nothing. He really wanted to ask her where she had discovered them.

He placed Harry and Hermione’s bodies in status and conjured a rope, turning it into a portkey. He gave Weasley’s body one last kick before he grabbed hold of part of the rope and activated the portkey, landing at Stone Henge.

Hermione had everything he needed for the spell in her bag, organised as ever. Bright witch of the age, just like Lily Potter. He was sure both she and James would have loved Hermione.

He gathered the ingredients and got to work setting everything up. Hermione had planned to go back to their first year, but Kingsley had other ideas, he would make sure Harry had the life he deserved.

“Huius loco invocabo exaudi orationem meam. Mitte spiritum meum tergum in tempus, in loco maxime non possum facere bonum. Vocationem hercle,” Kingsley said, repeating the spell three times, as he watched the world outside of Stonehenge blur. He fell to his knees as the final part of the spell took hold and closed his eyes tightly. It felt like his body was being ripped apart, his head grew dizzy and then he knew no more.

“Kingsley? Kingsley?” he bolted upright as he felt someone shaking him.

“What?” he asked as he looked around himself, he was sitting at his desk in the Auror’s office, Amelia Bones was shaking his shoulder.

He had made it.

“Did you hear anything I said?” Frank asked.

“Sorry, what was that?” Shackelbolt asked, looking apologetic.

“The Potter’s were attacked last night, James and Lily were killed. Their son Harry survived; apparently, he was hit with the killing curse.”

“Where is he?” Kingsley asked standing up.

“Why?” Amelia asked.

“James named me as one of the guardians of the boy, after Sirius,” Kingsley said with a frown.

“Sirius Black is a wanted criminal. Dumbledore said he was the secret keeper,” Amelia said with a scowl.

“What?” Kings asked shocked, “no, Sirius Black was the decoy, the secret keeper was Peter Pettigrew.”

“Are you sure?” she asked her Auror.

“Positive, James told me what was going on, just in case something went wrong. He wanted to be covered on all sides,” Kingsley replied.

“Does Dumbledore know this?” Amelia asked, suspicion in her voice.

“I am pretty sure since James told me Dumbledore was the caster of the Fidilius Charm,” Shacks said with a frown.

“Dumbledore is not telling anyone where Harry is, so I suggest you try and get that Will read and get Harry Potter. I will fix this business with Sirius Black.”

Kingsley left the office at a run, he knew exactly where to go, and as soon as he was outside, he apperated to Privet Drive.

He knew all about the treatment Harry received by his relatives and was furious he could do nothing about it in the past, but today, today he could scare the life out of them, and that is precisely what he was going to do.

Kingsley walked up to the front door and knocked, frowning as he heard crying from inside.

“Shut up you freak,” he heard a male voice yell before the front door was opened. “What do you want?” the same voice demanded.

“My name is Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt, from the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, and I have been informed that Harry Potter has been left with you illegally,” Kingsley said formally, showing his badge.

“Get away from us freak, we want nothing to do with you lot,” Vernon said trying to slam the door shut.

Kingsley took two steps back, letting to door slam in his face before pacing back down the driveway. He turned back to the front door, shifted into his Amimagus form, a giant tiger, and ran at the door, slamming into it and knocking it off its hinges.

He had no worries about scaring Harry since he had seen this from many times when Kingsley would visit James as his mentor.

The muggles in the house screamed in terror, as Kingsley roared at them flashing his teeth in anger. He looked around trying to find Harry but couldn’t see him anywhere, and then the sound of sniffling caught his sensitive hearing.

No, Kingsley thought, not a little baby. He knew Harry had lived in the cupboard under the stairs, and when his memories of that had been restored in the future, he was beyond furious. But he had thought that they had waited until he was older before that happened. He roared one last time, at the Dursley’s before shifting back to his human form and unlocking the cupboard door.

“Harry,” he called as he pulled it open, peeking inside. “Harry, it’s Uncle Kings,” he said in a gentle voice, “I’ve come to take you home.”

“Ucca, Kig,” Harry called as he crawled towards the dark man he remembered.

“Yes, sweetheart, Uncle Kings is here,” he answered as he bent down to pick him up, “how about we go find Uncle Padfoot?”

“Uncle Kings,” Harry called as he ran into the kitchen, “another one comes.”

“Let’s see then?” Kingsley asked as he held out his hand.

“I didn’t open it,” Harry said as he handed over the letter.

“Of course you didn’t,” Kingsley praised as he waved his wand over the parchment removing all the spells attached to the letter. He made a copy of what he discovered and set it aside to hand over the Amelia. She dealt with all Potter-related issues since he took in Harry.

“What spells did the old man use this time?” Harry asked, annoyed.

“The usual, tracking, compulsion, loyalty,” Kingsley answered as he pulled out a piece of parchment and wrote out a reply to the invite.

“When do you think he will give up?” Harry asked as he took a seat, and pour himself some tea.

“Probably when he dies,” Kingsley said as he attached the letter to Ares, his owl. Hedwig was too easily identifiable, so they rarely used her for mail, which she preferred as she liked to stay close to Harry when she wasn’t hunting.

“It’s just so annoying, I am going into my third year at Ilvermorny, you would think he would give it a rest,” Harry grouched. They still lived in England due to Kingsley’s work, so Harry had a direct Floo set up for school travel. So much better than Portkeys in his opinion.

“I found this little ragamuffin as I was coming down the stairs,” Sirius said as he walked into the kitchen, Hermione walking in behind him.

“Morning Mione,” Harry said as he pulled out the seat next to him.

“Hey Harry, dad had to go into the surgery early today, so he asked if I could go shopping with you guys in Diagon Alley, I said you wouldn’t mind,” Hermione said as she picked up the cup of tea Harry poured her, “Thanks.”

“Not a problem,” Sirius said as he took a seat next to Kingsley, “morning love,” he said turning to the man and kissing his cheek.

“Morning,” Kingsley said with a bright smile.

He glanced around the table at his makeshift family and couldn’t believe his luck. They still had a lot to deal with, but they were together, and Kingsley couldn’t be happier about how his life was turning out, this time around.

8 thoughts on “This Time Around

  1. Lovely little one shot, unusual pairing, i agree with others that this expanded would be a great story, you have a wonderful imagination, thank you


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