I will be leaving this page here, but will be updating very rarely here. I will be using A03 for my work more than anything else, and post here when I remember it exists. My A03 is at https://archiveofourown.org/users/gypsysue

I had now combined all stories into the one post. I have added a list of fics and their progress at the bottom of this page, so you can check on how things are moving along there. All new updates will be added to original posts and then updates shown on this page.  Also, I have now put all complete stories onto A03, and will only add complete stories to my page there.

I got annoyed with the look of my page so decided it needed a cleanup. I added specific tags for the categories dropdown box so you can find what you want.  Example: Evil Author Day 2015. I was thinking of adding the name of the fic to that list so you can just use that to find what you want, and I may still do so when I have a free moment.

I love to read.  Harry Potter is my favourite kind of fan fiction.  I do adore a good HP crossover, especially with Twilight or Supernatural.  Rare crossovers and pairings are fun too.

I write whenever I can, though, with the health issues I have, it isn’t as often as it used to be. I also tend to write on whatever gets my attention at the time.  So a lot of the time I tend to have a bunch of stuff going at once.  I publish whatever I feel like at the time, so you never know if you are getting an update or something new.  Every piece of work on my page has a current chapter in progress in my draft folder.  When I finish it, I post it, just to feel like I am actually accomplishing something.

I have been updated a few fics, and I have been making banners later and made one for Survival. I added it to the fic with some extra’s I had in my draft folder.

The banner was done by Alex Malfoy, you can find their work here, https://www.deviantart.com/alex-malfoy

Complete Fics:
Harry Potter
And Baby Makes Three
This Time Around
From Dark to Light or Something Inbetween
Raising Harry
Life In Pieces
Hidden Legacy – Part one of the Legacy series.

Lily’s Plan B
Harry Potter Hale Cullen
Uncle Jason

WIP Fics: As of the 24th May 2020
Harry Potter
A New Life – more added 24/5
Protected – Chapter 6 in progress
Unexpected Outcome – More added 2/4/2020. More in progress.
In Lily’s Memory – chapter 2 added, chapter 3 not started yet.
A Mother’s Love – Chapter 3 not started yet.
All For Harry – Chapter 4 in progress
Of Love and Revenge – Chapter 2 in progress
Fixing Past Mistakes – no work started yet. Unsure what I’m doing with this one.
Second Time Around – Rewrite – I am unsure what I’m doing with this, I am however reworking the original and finishing it up.
Dobby to the Rescue – A preview of Chapter 3 added, more still being written, also some editing done.
Hermione Potter: Vengeance Seeker – more has been written
Harry’s Helpers – only the EAD has been written

Can’t Fight the Moonlight – Chapter 2 in progress
Escape Plan -Chapter 2 not started yet
Lily’s Secret – Chapter 2 not started yet
Harry Cullen – Preview only, no other work started yet.
Undecided Smallville Crossover – Preview only, no other work started.
Protecting Harry – Chapter 2 in progress
Survival – more added on the 29th of May 2019, Chapter 2 not started yet.
The Baby in the Wreckage – Not started – might turn into one shot?
Death’s Master – updated 29th May 2019, no other work started yet.
Find Peace – a little bit added to the original – not other work started yet.
Their Child – Only the EAD has been written

Also: I have a heap of new stuff I have been playing around with. Some of it will never see the light of day, but some I am still figuring out.

I also work on different Challenges throughout the year, so a lot of my time is working on and finishing those for deadlines.

9 thoughts on “About

    1. No I have that one on A03 I don’t have plans to upload it here at this point in time. But you can read it there. Everything from here will go to A03 eventually. Everything I have on fanfiction will stay there, just wont be updated there.

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  1. Hey! I noticed that on your sidebar it’s said you follow final-distance.net, that is my old site 🙂 I actually changed the domain to loveiszero.net but it redirects to there.


  2. (I didn’t mean to click post) I totally understand health issues getting in the way of writing, I have a lot of headaches sometimes I go through a week that I have one everyday.


  3. So I can’t seem to find Second Time Around on AO3 I was wondering if you took it down. It really is one of my favorite HP fanfics and I never was able to finish it even though I only started using AO3 because you moved your work over.

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    1. I took down Second Time Around, the original. I am actually in the middle of editing it, which is a bit of an undertaking and I’m going to finish it off and then post it all when it’s complete. Only my complete works get posted on A03 the rest are here. Though you can still read what is posted on fanfiction.net even though I don’t post there, I left all my other work up on that page.


      1. Yay I am so happy to hear that and I look forward to read the new version when it’s completed. Thank you being an amazing author.


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