Hidden Legacy

Title: Hidden Legacy
Author: gypsysue
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Draco/OC, Luna/Neville.
Rating: M
Warnings: Violence, Death of characters, bad language, talks of torture, blood and gore.
Summary: Lily wasn’t going to lay down and let them take her baby away from her. Even if she has to come back from beyond the Veil, she will, to protect him. Merlin help anyone that gets in her way.
“Speaking Fae.”
‘Mind Speak’
Ghukliak -goblin language.
All translations are at the end of the story

This was to be my QB for this year but I didn’t get to 50k yet. So I decided to split this into a series. This is part 1 of the Legacy series. Continue reading “Hidden Legacy”

Fluff Bingo Collection

Over on Discord, I am a part of a writers group. Jilly James decided to start a Fluff Bingo challenge, and I decided to partake. For more information go to Discord and join Just Write, you may need to ask for an invite to join the server. This is my selection. Each is a little one-shot per square. It will be added to as I fill more squares. I have done 8 so far: Kids, Cuddling, Flowers, Kittens and Babies, Togetherness, Playing Hooky, Added Holding Hands, 24/9/19. Continue reading “Fluff Bingo Collection”


Quantum Bang
Title: Vortex
Author: gypsysue
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre: Drama, Family, Humor, Romance, Slash, Time Travel
Relationship(s): Harry/Cedric, Sirius/Kingsley, Hermione/Fred/George, Neville/Luna
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Character Death, some permanent, some not, character bashing, if you read my stuff you know Dumbledore and some Weasley’s cop it. Graphic sex between teenagers. Bad language. Discussion – sexual assault via love potions.
Author Notes: Canon before the story begins, diverges from the beginning
Betas: chaneleblanc and Seren
Word Count: 50782
Summary: Dumbledore made a catastrophic error when he was raising Harry as his pawn. He had no idea that Harry had a soulmate, and that when he was killed as the old man’s collateral damage, Harry would follow along right behind him. Cedric and Harry are given the training they need and one shot to fix the old man’s mistakes and change the fate of the world in the process.
Artist: amakave- to see all the wonderful art done for this story go to http://quantumbang.org/artist-showcase-amakave-for-vortex/
To view the other wonderful fics from this Bang go to http://quantumbang.org/category/fiction/


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This Time Around

Thursday Vignettes Prompts 500-2000 word limit
Title: This Time Around
Author: Gypsysue
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Kingsley/Sirius Harry/Hermione
Rating: M
Warnings: Character death, time travel. A little bit of violence.
Summary: After the death of Harry and Hermione, using Hermione’s method, Kingsley travels back in time to make things better.
Word Count 1716

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From Dark to Light or Something Inbetween.

Title: From Dark to Light or Something Inbetween.
Author: Gypsysue
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Cedric Hermione/Anthony Neville/Luna
Rating: M
Warnings:  Violence, Darker than normal Harry. Bad language, character death.
Summary: Harry was surrounded by hate and ridicule, causing his magic to act,  absorbing the powers of the Horcrux inside him and with the help of Lily’s magic, dispense the soul piece so he could protect himself. Can the love of his new family, help counteract the Darkness left over from the Horcrux and the Dursley’s?
Notes: Pairings are mentioned but low key, slight mentions here and there but not much else. It’s more about Neville and Harry’s bond and how it changes Harry.  The song is from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as is the resurrection spell.

NaNo Project: Complete.

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Title: Vanishing
Author: gypsysue
Fandom/Genre: Harry Potter
Relationship(s): James/Lily
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Character death, violence.
Summary: She wasn’t called the Smart Witch of her Generation for nothing. Lily Potter had a plan, and it was perfect.
So I turned this into a one-shot and added some things to it, a few bits and an Epilogue. So this is Complete

Evil Author Day

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Uncle Jason

Title: Uncle Jason
Author: Gypsysue
Fandom: Harry Potter/Bull
Pairing: No pairing
Rating: M  
Warnings: Violence, subtle threats, the usual.
Summary: Lily did not trust the Wizarding World to do right by her son, so she turned to the only person she could trust to get the job done, her half-brother, Jason Bull. Petunia just wants to be rid of her burden, so she too turns to her half-brother.

Just a quick one-shot that came to mind.

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Harry Potter Hale Cullen

Title: Harry Potter Hale Cullen
Author: Gypsysue
Fandom: Harry Potter/ Twilight
Pairing: Rosalie/Emmett  Alice/Jasper  Esme/Carlisle, more to come.
Rating: M  
Warnings: Discussions of child abuse, (physical and mental only) violence, death of characters,  sparkly vampires.
Summary: Rosalie was out on a hunt when the smell of blood and the sound of screams stop her in her track. She could never imagine what she would discover and how it would change her life. A Harry Potter/Twilight Crossover. AU Rated M for Violence. Mother Rosalie. Pairings Undecided and may be left for a sequel if there is one.

Harry Potter belongs to JKR and SM owns Twilight

Chapters 1-7

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