Can’t Fight the Moonlight

Title: Can’t Fight the Moonlight
Author: Gypsysue
Fandom: Harry Potter/TeenWolf
Pairing: Peter/Luna
Rating: M
Warnings: Merging of timelines, fudging dates, canon violence, talks of coercion (Kate Argent) Killing of people who need to be killed. Alive Sirius, Alive Dobby. Other characters still living.
Summary: On one of her trips looking for her animals, Luna becomes the obsession of a crazy Alpha. So when she needs help, she calls the strongest wizard in the world.
Where Stiles develops a major crush on Harry, much to Derek’s annoyance.
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can't fight the moonlight

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Escape Plan

Title: Escape Plan
Author: gypsysue
Fandom/Genre: Harry Potter/Grimm
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Character death, violence. Kind of crackish in parts might be a good idea to go with the flow.
Summary: Sirius had been working hard to find a way to get him and Harry safely away from the meddling of others. Who knew what a little research, the Black family library and the Veil of Death would be the answer he was looking for. It’s a pity other people messed it up.

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A New Life

Title: A New Life
Author: Gypsysue
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Draco, Hermione/Neville
Rating: M
Warnings:  Main Character Death, Violence,
Summary: The world has gone to crap, everyone they love is dead, and the lastest enemy is the last person they ever expected to go bad. Hermione does what she has to do to try and fix things. But in order to do so, she has to kill her best friend.

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